Travis Aukerman, Manager

Talking Ear is a five-piece progressive music ensemble based out of the Midwest, committed to providing a unique experience for listeners through composition, collaboration, and improvisation. The band consists of vocalist Estar Cohen, guitarist Daniel Palmer, pianist Benjamin Maloney, bassist Ben Rolston, and drummer Travis Aukerman. Each musician has a distinct voice as an accomplished composer and performer, contributing to an exciting and versatile, yet particularly cohesive sound.


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"The band takes a unique and academic approach to a rich combination of jazz and new music, combining a range of talent and experience in their young members, to create a sound original, exploratory, and all their own." -

“Local jazz prodigy Estar Cohen [vocalist for Talking Ear]…is serious about her art and analytical about how it works, but also passionate and joyful about doing what she loves.”                                                                        - Toledo Free Press

"It's far too rare that I can engage with a piece of jazz music. And this one is an odyssey, a stir of different styles, sensibilities, era's and experimentation." - Jeff Milo, DeepCutz Song Premier (Full Article)